Who Qualifies for the Johnson Ford Sale Price?

EVERYONE Qualifies ! 

"A big thank you goes out to Rich & Whitney from Brit, MN. They made the 4 hour drive to Johnson Ford and purchased their new 2017 F-250 today. It was a pleasure to work with you both. 
- Landon Frey, Sales Consultant  

Thank you for your business!

Sold Date Proud Owner's
First Name
8/22/2017 Bruce Black River Falls WI
8/22/2017 Jerome Somerset WI
8/21/2017 Doug New Richmond WI
8/21/2017 Deborah Rice Lake WI
8/21/2017 Jason Wyoming MN
8/21/2017 Ronald Ogilvie MN
8/21/2017 Barbara Amery WI
8/21/2017 James Boyceville WI
8/18/2017 Tom Byron MN
8/18/2017 Mary Fridley MN
8/18/2017 Shelley New Richmond WI
8/17/2017 Steve Osceola WI
8/17/2017 James Andover MN
8/17/2017 John Somerset WI
8/17/2017 William Amery WI
8/17/2017 Sharon Turtle Lake WI
8/16/2017 Matthew Glenwood City WI
8/16/2017 Barbara New Richmond WI
8/16/2017 Kevin Mankato MN
8/16/2017 Amanda River Falls WI
8/15/2017 Douglas Augusta WI
8/15/2017 Steve Woodville WI
8/14/2017 Le Roy Clear Lake WI
8/14/2017 Eric Stillwater MN
8/12/2017 Michael Rice Lake WI
8/12/2017 Spencer Richfield MN
8/12/2017 Jake Stillwater MN
8/12/2017 James Elko MN
8/12/2017 Stephen Woodville WI
8/11/2017 Bryan Osceola WI
8/11/2017 Dennis Roberts WI
8/10/2017 Laura New Richmond WI
8/10/2017 Neal New Richmond WI
8/10/2017 Jean New Richmond WI
8/10/2017 Melanie Hammond WI
8/10/2017 Kelly Hopkins MN
8/10/2017 Brad Stillwater MN
8/9/2017 Matt PLYMOUTH MN
8/9/2017 Karl Somerset WI
8/9/2017 James Amery WI
8/8/2017 Carol New Richmond WI
8/8/2017 Whitney Luck WI
8/8/2017 Wayne Hudson WI
8/7/2017 Richard St Paul MN
8/7/2017 Amber New Richmond WI
8/7/2017 Owen Rice Lake WI
8/7/2017 James New Richmond WI
8/7/2017 Anna New Richmond WI
8/7/2017 Richard New Richmond WI
8/7/2017 Christina  New Richmond WI
8/7/2017 Joyce Amery WI
8/5/2017 Joe Stillwater MN
8/5/2017 Alan Duluth MN
8/5/2017 Noreen Hudson WI
8/5/2017 Brian Somerset WI
8/4/2017 Chad New Richmond WI
8/4/2017 Todd Durand WI
8/4/2017 John New Richmond WI
8/4/2017 Nate Woodbury MN
8/4/2017 Donald Hudson WI
8/4/2017 Dale Erin WI
8/3/2017 James New Richmond WI
8/3/2017 Shannon Amery WI
8/3/2017 Burgee New Richmond WI
8/3/2017 Ricky Hertel WI
8/3/2017 Wallace Clayton WI
8/3/2017 Kylee Somerset WI
8/3/2017 Ken New Richmond WI
8/3/2017 Stephanie New Richmond  WI
8/3/2017 John Farmington MN
8/3/2017 Rebecca New Richmond  WI
8/3/2017 Steve New Richmond WI
8/2/2017 James Brooklyn Park MN
8/2/2017 Ashley New Richmond WI
8/2/2017 Donald Prentice WI
8/1/2017 Hiram Arkansaw WI
7/31/2017 Jeff Oakdale MN
7/31/2017 Martin Centerville MN
7/31/2017 Trevor New Richmond WI
7/31/2017 Gregory New Richmond WI
7/31/2017 Renee Woodbury MN
7/29/2017 Jennifer Blaine MN
7/29/2017 Laura New Richmond WI
7/29/2017 Jeffrey  Rowley IA
7/29/2017 Rebecca Baldwin WI
7/29/2017 Alexandra New Richmond WI
7/29/2017 Mathew Barron WI
7/28/2017 Joshua Roberts  WI
7/28/2017 Robert Rice Lake WI
7/28/2017 Samuel Colby WI
7/28/2017 Carri White Bear Lake MN
7/28/2017 Craig Stacy MN
7/28/2017 Lori Webster WI
7/28/2017 Michael New Richmond WI
7/27/2017 Steven New Richmond WI
7/27/2017 Krista Hudson WI
7/27/2017 Michael  Rosemount MN
7/27/2017 Melanie Monticello  MN
7/27/2017 Jerry New Richmond WI
7/26/2017 Karen Chisago City MN
7/26/2017 Shannon Osceola WI
7/26/2017 Sara New Richmond WI
7/26/2017 Viola Milltown WI
7/26/2017 Adolph Osceola WI
7/26/2017 Warren Star Prairie WI
7/25/2017 CITY OF NEW RICHMOND New Richmond WI
7/25/2017 Jacilyn Hudson WI
7/25/2017 Wayne Sarona WI
7/25/2017 Charles New Richmond WI
7/25/2017 Timothy  Clear Lake  WI
7/24/2017 Laverne Birchwood WI
7/24/2017 Molly Eau Claire WI
7/24/2017 Michael Stacy MN
7/24/2017 Ronald Balsam Lake WI
7/22/2017 Mary Glenwood City WI
7/22/2017 Marcus Milltown WI
7/21/2017 Arlo Taylors Falls MN
7/21/2017 Tyler New Richmond WI
7/21/2017 Susan Saint Croix Falls WI
7/21/2017 Jason Roberts  WI
7/21/2017 Duane Hudson WI
7/21/2017 Michael New Richmond WI
7/21/2017 Steven New Richmond WI
7/21/2017 William Downing WI
7/20/2017 Janet Washburn WI
7/20/2017 Amy Osceola WI
7/20/2017 Richard Albuquerque NM
7/18/2017 Ryan Osceola WI
7/18/2017 Joseph Somerset WI
7/18/2017 Randy Hayward WI
7/18/2017 Shannon New Richmond WI
7/18/2017 Shirley Amery WI
7/18/2017 Shawn Saint Charles MN
7/18/2017 Ellen Woodville WI
7/18/2017 Joyce Cumberland WI
7/17/2017 Ione Osceola WI
7/17/2017 Darren New Richmond WI
7/17/2017 Sadie Clayton WI
7/17/2017 Rhonda Sheldon MO
7/15/2017 Christopher Woodbury MN
7/15/2017 Kenneth Chippewa Falls WI
7/15/2017 Myra Inver Grove Heights MN
7/15/2017 Linda New Richmond WI
7/15/2017 Larry Otsego MN
7/15/2017 Donald Deer Park WI
7/15/2017 Sherri New Richmond WI
7/15/2017 Sara Almena WI
7/15/2017 Jackie New Richmond WI
7/15/2017 Andrew Baldwin WI
7/14/2017 Janet Washburn WI
7/14/2017 Timothy Luck WI
7/14/2017 Laura New Richmond WI
7/14/2017 Todd Amery WI
7/14/2017 Steven New Richmond WI
7/13/2017 Anna Hayward WI
7/13/2017 Sheila Osceola WI
7/13/2017 Laura New Richmond WI
7/13/2017 Adam Amery WI
7/13/2017 Duane Prairie Farm WI
7/12/2017 Amanda Baldwin WI
7/12/2017 Charles New Scandia MN
7/12/2017 Kathryn NEW RICHMOND WI
7/11/2017 Heather New Richmond WI
7/11/2017 Frontier New Richmond WI
7/10/2017 Mark Martell NE
7/10/2017 Kevin New Richmond  WI
7/10/2017 Steve Burnsville MN
7/10/2017 Kevin Menomonie WI
7/10/2017 Maria New Richmond WI
7/10/2017 Alfred New Richmond WI
7/10/2017 James Amery WI
7/8/2017 Jeri Amery WI
7/8/2017 Kayla Houlton WI
7/8/2017 Brett Dakota MN
7/8/2017 Sara Somerset WI
7/8/2017 David New Richmond WI
7/8/2017 Katy Cameron WI
7/7/2017 Dave Luck WI
7/7/2017 Derek Clayton WI
7/7/2017 Amber New Richmond WI
7/7/2017 Nathan Apple Valley MN
7/7/2017 Jason New Richmond WI
7/7/2017 Kelly Osceola WI
7/6/2017 James Star Prairie WI
7/5/2017 Eric Hudson WI
7/5/2017 Jennifer Glenwood City WI
7/5/2017 Jestina Carlton MN
7/5/2017 Sherri River Falls WI
7/3/2017 Eldon Deer Park WI
7/3/2017 Mark Bloomer WI
7/3/2017 James Millville MN
7/3/2017 Steven Hugo MN
7/3/2017 Joseph Osceola WI
7/3/2017 Lynn Stillwater MN
7/3/2017 Lisa Osceola WI
7/1/2017 Patrick Muscatine IA
7/1/2017 Joni Amery  WI
7/1/2017 Michelle Elmwood WI
6/30/2017 Taylor Duluth MN
6/30/2017 Adam New Richmond WI
6/30/2017 Thomas Clear Lake WI
6/30/2017 Steve New Richmond WI
6/29/2017 Raymond New Richmond WI
6/29/2017 Jill New Richmond WI
6/29/2017 Lois New Richmond WI
6/29/2017 Gerrit New Richmond WI
6/28/2017 George Houlton WI
6/28/2017 Paul Clayton WI
6/28/2017 Bobby Alamo  TX
6/27/2017 Lee Osceola WI
6/27/2017 Lois New Richmond WI
6/27/2017 Shannon Somerset WI
6/26/2017 Brandon Saint Cloud MN
6/26/2017 Adam Somerset WI
6/26/2017 Christopher Pequot Lakes MN
6/26/2017 Lucas Hager City WI
6/26/2017 Shelly Inver Grove Heights MN
6/24/2017 Lori Wilson WI
6/24/2017 Timothy Elroy WI
6/24/2017 Megan Somerset WI
6/24/2017 Mark River Falls WI
6/24/2017 William New Richmond WI
6/24/2017 Jackelyn Prescott WI
6/24/2017 Michael Roberts WI
6/24/2017 Kara Stillwater MN
6/24/2017 Shaun New Richmond WI
6/23/2017 Jeffry Crystal MN
6/23/2017 Jacob New Richmond WI
6/23/2017 Kevin Lake Elmo MN
6/23/2017 Ryan Elk River MN
6/23/2017 Michael Balsam Lake WI
6/23/2017 Daniel River Falls WI
6/23/2017 Cassandra Webster MN
6/23/2017 David Arden Hills MN
6/23/2017 Deborah Andover MN
6/22/2017 Nathan Washburn WI
6/22/2017 Shannon Menomonie WI
6/22/2017 Amy Woodbury MN
6/22/2017 Terry Wilson WI
6/22/2017 Steven New Richmond WI
6/22/2017 Kateri New Richmond WI
6/22/2017 Kateri New Richmond WI
6/22/2017 Scott Brainerd MN
6/22/2017 Rusty Star Prairie WI
6/21/2017 Candice North Branch MN
6/21/2017 Christopher New Richmond WI
6/21/2017 Dawn Eagan MN
6/21/2017 Dakota West St Paul MN
6/21/2017 Lois New Richmond  WI
6/21/2017 Donna New Richmond WI
6/21/2017 Gerald New Richmond WI
6/21/2017 Albert Spring Valley WI
6/20/2017 Dale Marine on St Croix MN
6/20/2017 Maggie New Richmond WI
6/20/2017 Jacob Taylors Falls MN
6/20/2017 BARBARA Osceola WI
6/20/2017 Laken Boyceville WI
6/20/2017 Glenda Saint Croix Falls WI
6/19/2017 Andrew Hager City WI
6/19/2017 Geraldine Saint Croix Falls WI
6/19/2017 Andrew New Richmond WI
6/19/2017 Adam Almena WI
6/19/2017 Jodi Lindstrom MN
6/19/2017 Laurel Osceola WI
6/19/2017 Colleen Hudson WI
6/17/2017 Royce New Richmond WI
6/17/2017 Pat Plymouth MN
6/17/2017 Anthony Stillwater MN
6/17/2017 Jayson Clear Lake WI
6/17/2017 Arlene Mauston WI
6/17/2017 Martin New Auburn WI
6/17/2017 Teddie River Falls WI
6/17/2017 Destiny River Falls WI
6/17/2017 Warren Cameron WI
6/17/2017 Amanda Hatley WI
6/16/2017 William Shell Lake WI
6/16/2017 Amber Minneapolis MN
6/16/2017 Taren Hudson  WI
6/16/2017 Paul Star Prairie WI
6/16/2017 Heather New Richmond WI
6/16/2017 Kevin Luck WI
6/15/2017 Laurie New Richmond WI
6/15/2017 Gregory Beldenville WI
6/14/2017 Gary Dresser WI
6/13/2017 Boldts Plumbing Baldwin WI
6/10/2017 Josh Eau Claire WI
6/10/2017 Brad Eau Claire WI
6/10/2017 Tom Roberts WI
6/10/2017 Brenda New Richmond WI
6/10/2017 Alan Amery WI
6/10/2017 Ryan New Richmond WI
6/10/2017 Cynthia Amery WI
6/10/2017 James New Richmond WI
6/9/2017 Troy Amery WI
6/8/2017 Martin Eau Galle WI
6/8/2017 Nathan New Richmond WI
6/8/2017 Jonna Osceola WI
6/8/2017 Jody Clear Lake WI
6/8/2017 Allan Forest Lake MN
6/8/2017 Stacy Clayton WI
6/8/2017 Terry Clear Lake WI
6/8/2017 Byron Amery WI
6/7/2017 Mary Lake Elmo MN
6/7/2017 Frank Hudson WI
6/6/2017 Derick New Richmond WI
6/6/2017 Marshal Emerald WI
6/5/2017 Kelly New Richmond WI
6/5/2017 Anne Somerset WI
6/5/2017 Charley Farmington MN
6/5/2017 Kurt Osceola WI
6/5/2017 Thomas New Richmond WI
6/5/2017 Andrew Amery WI
6/5/2017 Don New Richmond WI
6/3/2017 Catherine Clayton WI
6/3/2017 Jacilyn Hudson WI
6/3/2017 Marin Somerset WI
6/3/2017 Ralph Hudson WI
6/3/2017 Brian New Richmond WI
6/2/2017 Debbie Somerset WI
6/2/2017 Russell Somerset WI
6/2/2017 David Roberts WI
6/1/2017 Antonio Cottage Grove MN
6/1/2017 Kelly Hammond WI
5/31/2017 Miranda Ranier MN
5/31/2017 Sheryl New Richmond WI
5/31/2017 Linda Hinckley MN
5/30/2017 Pamela Hammond WI
5/27/2017 Donnie Wichita Falls TX
5/27/2017 Debbie Stillwater MN
5/27/2017 Martin Hastings MN
5/27/2017 Lance Wausau WI
5/27/2017 Michelle Deer Park WI
5/27/2017 Bonnie New Richmond WI
5/27/2017 Robert Hammond WI
5/27/2017 Patricia Baldwin WI
5/27/2017 Kimberly River Falls WI
5/26/2017 Tyler Osceola WI
5/26/2017 Shari Cottage Grove MN
5/26/2017 Patricia New Richmond WI
5/26/2017 Sandra Solon Springs WI
5/26/2017 Ben Lodi WI
5/25/2017 Shannon Amery WI
5/25/2017 Marah Stillwater MN
5/25/2017 Marques River Falls WI
5/25/2017 Loren New Richmond WI
5/24/2017 William Osceola WI
5/24/2017 Debra Cumberland WI
5/24/2017 Juan Oakdale MN
5/23/2017 Sarah Somerset WI
5/23/2017 Karmen Somerset WI
5/23/2017 Mark New Richmond WI
5/23/2017 Larry New Richmond  WI
5/23/2017 Dennis New Richmond WI
5/23/2017 Robert Star Prairie WI
5/22/2017 Jack Turtle Lake WI
5/22/2017 Michael Hudson WI
5/22/2017 Jon Deer Park WI
5/20/2017 Jayson Osceola WI
5/20/2017 Christopher New Richmond WI
5/20/2017 Danyel New Richmond WI
5/20/2017 Daniel Hudson WI
5/20/2017 Andrea New Richmond WI
5/20/2017 Heather Cumberland WI
5/20/2017 Madisyn Winona MN
5/20/2017 Pat New Richmond WI
5/20/2017 Debra Somerset WI
5/19/2017 Adam Spring Valley WI
5/19/2017 Timothy New Richmond WI
5/19/2017 Jelaine New Richmond WI
5/19/2017 Dan Somerset WI
5/19/2017 Janell Elmwood WI
5/18/2017 Klaus New Richmond WI
5/18/2017 Jerry Knapp WI
5/18/2017 Gordy Knapp WI
5/18/2017 Jared Osceola WI
5/18/2017 Stephen Clear Lake WI
5/18/2017 Thomas Hudson WI
5/18/2017 Thomas Star Prairie WI
5/17/2017 Chad White Bear Lake MN
5/17/2017 Julie Baldwin WI
5/17/2017 Ruthann Star Prairie WI
5/17/2017 Brandon Prior Lake MN
5/16/2017 Andrea New Richmond WI
5/15/2017 Donna Coon Rapids MN
5/15/2017 Shannon New Richmond WI
5/15/2017 Chelsie Roberts WI
5/15/2017 Gene Albany  MN
5/15/2017 Dillan Menomonie WI
5/15/2017 David Hudson WI
5/15/2017 Donald New Richmond WI
5/13/2017 Mark Deer Park WI
5/13/2017 Abby Star Prarie WI
5/13/2017 Sharon Roberts WI
5/12/2017 Mitchell Woodville WI
5/12/2017 Gail Deer Park WI
5/12/2017 Genie Hudson WI
5/12/2017 Michael Cushing WI
5/12/2017 Tad New Richmond WI
5/12/2017 Kenneth New Richmond WI
5/12/2017 Jean Emerald WI
5/11/2017 James New Richmond  WI
5/11/2017 Caren New Richmond WI
5/11/2017 Dave Washburn WI
5/11/2017 Shawna New Richmond WI
5/11/2017 Joan Houlton WI
5/11/2017 Katherine New Richmond WI
5/11/2017 Linda Comstock WI
5/10/2017 Andrea Little Canada MN
5/10/2017 Patrick Hudson WI
5/10/2017 Susan Fall Creek WI
5/10/2017 Pat Minneapolis MN
5/10/2017 David New Richmond WI
5/10/2017 Andrew Eau Claire WI
5/9/2017 Mike Hudson WI
5/9/2017 James Webster WI
5/8/2017 Kevin DYER IN
5/8/2017 Thomas Saint Paul MN
5/8/2017 Linda Woodbury MN
5/8/2017 Austin Menomonie WI
5/8/2017 Mary New Richmond WI
5/6/2017 Val Hudson WI
5/5/2017 Laura Hudson WI
5/5/2017 Molly Star Prarie WI
5/5/2017 Edward New Richmond WI
5/4/2017 Mark Breezy Point  MN
5/4/2017 Roxie New Richmond WI
5/4/2017 Amanda CLEAR LAKE WI
5/4/2017 Melvin Hudson WI
5/3/2017 Christopher New Richmond WI
5/3/2017 Rachael River Falls WI
5/3/2017 John Cumberland WI
5/3/2017 Donelle Hammond WI
5/3/2017 Michael Somerset WI
5/2/2017 Cheryl New Richmond WI
5/2/2017 Nathan Elko New Market MN
5/2/2017 John Fountain City WI
5/1/2017 Nicholas New Richmond WI
5/1/2017 Janet Amery WI
5/1/2017 Shawn New Richmond WI
5/1/2017 Gregory Centuria WI
4/29/2017 Kimberly Cameron WI
4/29/2017 Susan New Richmond WI
4/29/2017 Patricia River Falls WI
4/29/2017 Joan Cottage Grove MN
4/29/2017 Jeff New Richmond WI
4/29/2017 Karen St Pual  MN
4/29/2017 Jeff New Richmond WI
4/28/2017 Kara New Richmond  WI
4/28/2017 Donald Clayton WI
4/28/2017 Randall Porter MN
4/28/2017 Phoebe New Richmond WI
4/27/2017 William Chanhassen MN
4/27/2017 Michael Woodville WI
4/27/2017 Frontier New Richmond WI
4/26/2017 Hartman Hudson WI
4/26/2017 Brian Star Prairie WI
4/26/2017 Donald New Richmond WI
4/26/2017 Duane Blaine MN
4/26/2017 Michael Amery WI
4/25/2017 Shannon New Richmond WI
4/25/2017 Kim Woodbury MN
4/24/2017 Corey Chetek WI
4/24/2017 Patrick Clear Lake WI
4/24/2017 Kelli Menomonie WI
4/24/2017 Darcy Stillwater MN
4/24/2017 Kelli Menomonie WI
4/24/2017 Catherine New Richmond WI
4/24/2017 Eric Gordon WI
4/24/2017 Richard Maple Grove MN
4/24/2017 Dennis Chetek WI
4/22/2017 Matthew Somerset WI
4/22/2017 Lisa New Richmond WI
4/22/2017 Nicholas River Falls WI
4/22/2017 Jay Hudson WI
4/22/2017 Lori Turtle Lake WI
4/22/2017 Emilie Star Prairie WI
4/22/2017 Peter New Richmond WI
4/22/2017 James Osceola WI
4/20/2017 Steven River Falls WI
4/20/2017 David Cannon Falls MN
4/20/2017 Bruce Wausau WI
4/20/2017 Pete Ellsworth WI
4/20/2017 Holly New Richmond WI
4/20/2017 Jerry New Richmond WI
4/19/2017 Frank Osceola WI
4/19/2017 Randy Chippewa Falls WI
4/19/2017 Lacey New Richmond WI
4/18/2017 Selena Eveleth MN
4/18/2017 Stephen Bloomington MN
4/18/2017 Dan HUDSON WI
4/17/2017 John New Richmond WI
4/17/2017 Devon Hudson WI
4/15/2017 Kenneth New Richmond WI
4/14/2017 Sandra Hayward WI
4/14/2017 Brandon Chippewa Falls WI
4/14/2017 Jay St Paul Park MN
4/14/2017 Kayla Cambridge  MN
4/14/2017 Harry Hudson WI
4/14/2017 Kyle Ellsworth WI
4/14/2017 Dan New Richmond WI
4/14/2017 Judy New Richmond WI
4/14/2017 Patsy Somerset WI
4/13/2017 John Hudson WI
4/13/2017 Timothy Somerset WI
4/13/2017 Dan New Richmond WI
4/12/2017 Tracy Trego WI
4/11/2017 Zachary Forest Lake MN
4/11/2017 Donald Clear Lake WI
4/11/2017 Paul Clear Lake WI
4/10/2017 Paul Osceola WI
4/10/2017 Jeffrey Hammond WI
4/10/2017 Jeffrey Hammond WI
4/10/2017 Janie Waterville MN
4/10/2017 Cynthia Milltown WI
4/8/2017 Mark Hudson WI
4/8/2017 Kevin New Richmond WI
4/8/2017 Heather Elk River  MN
4/8/2017 Doreen St Croix Fls WI
4/8/2017 Jamie Centuria WI
4/8/2017 Jake New Richmond WI
4/8/2017 Tim Hammond WI
4/7/2017 Kathryn New Richmond WI
4/7/2017 Ashley New Richmond WI
4/7/2017 Brad Somerset WI
4/6/2017 Robert Roberts WI
4/6/2017 Bridget New Richmond WI
4/6/2017 Jeffrey New Richmond WI
4/6/2017 Brian New Richmond WI
4/6/2017 Steven Somerset WI
4/5/2017 Loni Clear Lake WI
4/5/2017 Christina Amery WI
4/5/2017 Andrew Hugo MN
4/4/2017 Collin Amery WI
4/4/2017 Aaron New Richmond WI
4/4/2017 Michael Luck WI
4/3/2017 Bennett Pepin WI
4/3/2017 MaryAnn Somerset WI
4/3/2017 Amanda Madsion WI
4/3/2017 Eldred  Amery WI
4/1/2017 Samantha New Richmond WI
4/1/2017 Charles Hudson WI
4/1/2017 Cody Baldwin WI
4/1/2017 Marlene New Richmond WI
4/1/2017 Amy Markesan WI
4/1/2017 Cal New Richmond WI
4/1/2017 Ryan New Richmond WI
4/1/2017 Derek River Falls WI
3/31/2017 Scott New Richmond WI
3/31/2017 Steve Amery WI
3/31/2017 John River Falls WI
3/31/2017 Teresa Roberts WI
3/31/2017 Jacqueline Clayton WI
3/30/2017 Hailey New Richmond WI
3/29/2017 Gary New Richmond WI
3/29/2017 Travis Cambridge MN
3/29/2017 Robin New Richmond WI
3/28/2017 Sandra Amery WI
3/28/2017 Michael Osceola WI
3/28/2017 Michael Somerset WI
3/28/2017 Kelly New Richmond WI
3/27/2017 Jennifer Star Prairie WI
3/27/2017 Nickolas Colfax WI
3/25/2017 Laura Spring Valley WI
3/25/2017 Jason Rice Lake WI
3/25/2017 Peter Rochester MN
3/25/2017 Brady River Falls WI
3/25/2017 Darwin New Richmond WI
3/25/2017 Calvin New Richmond WI
3/25/2017 Judy Amery  WI
3/25/2017 Jesse Hudson WI
3/24/2017 Brian Mazomanie WI
3/24/2017 Michael NEW RICHMOND WI
3/24/2017 Ralph Glenwood City WI
3/24/2017 Duane New Richmond WI
3/24/2017 Terry Boyceville  WI
3/23/2017 David Maplewood MN
3/23/2017 Richard Somerset WI
3/23/2017 Jason Brookfield WI
3/22/2017 Daniel New Richmond WI
3/21/2017 Carol Clear Lake WI
3/21/2017 Fay Clear Lake WI
3/20/2017 Bradley Turtle Lake WI
3/20/2017 Peter Roberts WI
3/20/2017 Barbara Cumberland  WI
3/20/2017 Aaron Eau Claire WI
3/20/2017 Elizabeth Deer Park WI
3/20/2017 Ann Ellsworth WI
3/18/2017 Robert Emerald WI
3/18/2017 John Clayton WI
3/18/2017 Kayla New Richmond WI
3/18/2017 Charles Grantsburg WI
3/18/2017 Thomas New Richmond WI
3/17/2017 Darrin Minong WI
3/17/2017 Steven New Richmond WI
3/17/2017 Jessica Clear Lake WI
3/17/2017 Gary Hudson WI
3/17/2017 Tyler Stillwater MN
3/16/2017 Todd Luck WI
3/16/2017 Mark Spooner WI
3/16/2017 Jacob New Richmond WI
3/16/2017 Timothy Hastings MN
3/16/2017 Caren NEW RICHMOND WI
3/15/2017 John Amery WI
3/15/2017 Thomas Menomonie WI
3/15/2017 Katie New Richmond WI
3/15/2017 Scott Eau Claire WI
3/15/2017 Gregory New Richmond WI
3/14/2017 Eugene Oakdale MN
3/14/2017 Jon Hudson WI
3/14/2017 Warren Star Prairie WI
3/14/2017 Tessie Chisago City MN
3/14/2017 Otto New Richmond WI
3/14/2017 Dennis Chetek WI
3/13/2017 Sean Eau Claire WI
3/13/2017 Emma New Richmond WI
3/13/2017 Brady Osceola WI
3/13/2017 Paul Boyceville WI
3/13/2017 John New Richmond WI
3/13/2017 David New Richmond WI
3/13/2017 Norah White Bear Lake MN
3/13/2017 Tamie Baldwin WI
3/11/2017 Scott Milltown WI
3/11/2017 Sheri Boyceville WI
3/11/2017 Robert Oakdale MN
3/11/2017 John Barronett WI
3/11/2017 Courtney Siren WI
3/11/2017 Patricia Somerset WI
3/11/2017 William  Robert WI
3/11/2017 Thomas Deer Park WI
3/10/2017 Tom Roberts WI
3/10/2017 Mary Hudson WI
3/10/2017 Timothy New Richmond WI
3/10/2017 Peggy Frederic WI
3/9/2017 Beth Hastings MN
3/9/2017 Robert Baldwin WI
3/8/2017 Kyle Maple WI
3/7/2017 Mathew  Somerset WI
3/6/2017 Wade New Richmond WI
3/6/2017 Timothy Osceola WI
3/6/2017 Mark North Saint Paul MN
3/6/2017 Aaron New Richmond WI
3/6/2017 Mike Star Prairie WI
3/4/2017 Gary New Richmond WI
3/3/2017 Rhonda Durand WI
3/3/2017 Michael Glenwood City WI
3/3/2017 Dylan North Saint Paul MN
3/3/2017 Elaine Ellsworth WI
3/3/2017 Nathan Rochester MN
3/2/2017 Darrel Osceola WI
3/2/2017 Lenore ( Lori) New Richmond WI
3/2/2017 Jeremy Eau Claire WI
3/2/2017 Dale Menomonie WI
3/1/2017 Joshua Amery WI
2/28/2017 Sophia New Richmond WI
2/28/2017 Jeffrey Dresser WI
2/28/2017 Ines Clear Lake WI
2/28/2017 Gary Amery WI
2/28/2017 Peter New Richmond  WI
2/28/2017 Kevin Amery WI
2/28/2017 Charles Hudson WI
2/27/2017 Parker Fridley MN
2/27/2017 Bradley BALSAM LAKE WI
2/25/2017 Karen Star Prairie WI
2/25/2017 Steven Star Prairie WI
2/25/2017 Joseph Clayton WI
2/25/2017 Anthony New Richmond WI
2/25/2017 Rup Little Canada MN
2/25/2017 Jerry White Bear Lake MN
2/25/2017 Kaitlin Richfield MN
2/25/2017 Kyle Gilman WI
2/25/2017 Jessica New Richmond WI
2/24/2017 Lynn New Richmond WI
2/23/2017 Robert Baldwin WI
2/23/2017 Michael Minneapolis MN
2/23/2017 Brenda Clayton WI
2/22/2017 Gregory St Paul MN
2/22/2017 Joshua Amery WI
2/22/2017 David Osceola WI
2/22/2017 Jeffrey NEW RICHMOND WI
2/21/2017 Michael Waverly IA
2/21/2017 John Hudson WI
2/20/2017 Jessica Clear Lake WI
2/20/2017 Kevin Spring Valley WI
2/20/2017 Mark Ashland WI
2/20/2017 Tashauna New Richmond WI
2/20/2017 Mike Star Prairie WI
2/20/2017 David Osceola WI
2/20/2017 Bruce Hammond WI
2/20/2017 Robert New Richmond WI
2/18/2017 Randee New Richmond WI
2/18/2017 Monica Dresser WI
2/18/2017 Dustin Osceola WI
2/18/2017 Scott Akeley MN
2/18/2017 Jordan  Amery WI
2/18/2017 Joshua Baldwin  WI
2/18/2017 Bradley Hastings MN
2/18/2017 Jesse Somerset WI
2/18/2017 Mark Stillwater MN
2/18/2017 Zachary Willmar MN
2/17/2017 Timothy Roberts WI
2/17/2017 Michael Deer Park WI
2/17/2017 Gary New Richmond WI
2/17/2017 David Menomonie WI
2/17/2017 Jessie Menomomie WI
2/17/2017 Linda Star Prairie WI
2/17/2017 Trevor Baldwin WI
2/16/2017 Reese Durand WI
2/16/2017 Benjamin Waconia MN
2/16/2017 Mary Ann Weyerhaeuser WI
2/15/2017 Lori NEW RICHMOND WI
2/15/2017 Paul Mendota Heights Dr MN
2/14/2017 Tony Duluth MN
2/14/2017 Christopher New Richmond WI
2/14/2017 Lionel Boyceville WI
2/14/2017 Rachel Somerset WI
2/13/2017 Benjamin New Richmond WI
2/13/2017 Klb Insurance Maplewood MN
2/11/2017 Russell Prescott WI
2/11/2017 Chad Clayton WI
2/11/2017 Eric Balsam Lake WI
2/11/2017 Elizabeth Balsam Lake WI
2/11/2017 Christopher Rice Lake WI
2/11/2017 Steven Emerald WI
2/11/2017 Kevin New Richmond  WI
2/10/2017 Jennifer Columbia Heights MN
2/10/2017 Kathleen ( Kitty) Stillwater MN
2/10/2017 Paul Woodbury MN
2/10/2017 Kurt Austin MN
2/9/2017 Ed New Richmond WI
2/9/2017 Timothy Somerset WI
2/9/2017 Robert Hudson WI
2/9/2017 Isaac Cromwell MN
2/8/2017 Michael Hammond WI
2/8/2017 Terry Lindstrom MN
2/7/2017 Eric Boyceville WI
2/7/2017 Paul New Richmond WI
2/6/2017 Steven New Richmond WI
2/6/2017 Troy Clayton WI
2/6/2017 Shannon Somerset WI
2/6/2017 Melvin New Richmond WI
2/6/2017 John Amery WI
2/4/2017 John Emerald WI
2/4/2017 Leonard Bloomer WI
2/4/2017 James New Richmond WI
2/4/2017 Melissa New Richmond WI
2/4/2017 Rob Dayton MN
2/3/2017 Kevin Spring Park MN
2/3/2017 Patrick Lakeland MN
2/2/2017 David Farmington MN
2/2/2017 Tyler R0berts WI
2/2/2017 Lynn Clear Lake  WI
2/2/2017 Lennie Coon Rapids MN
2/2/2017 Jason Junction City WI
2/1/2017 Julie Fargo ND
2/1/2017 Larry New Richmond WI
1/31/2017 Matthew Saint Michael MN
1/31/2017 Charles Balsam Lake WI
1/31/2017 Doug Ashland WI
1/31/2017 Ron Somerset  WI
1/31/2017 Mary Clear Lake WI
1/31/2017 James Oakdale MN
1/31/2017 Gordon Hammond WI
1/31/2017 Dennis Baldwin WI
1/31/2017 Dave Hudson WI
1/30/2017 Laura Roberts WI
1/30/2017 Angela Altoona WI
1/30/2017 Ronald Luck  WI
1/30/2017 Melissa New Richmond WI
1/30/2017 Robert Clear Lake WI
1/28/2017 Ashley New Richmond WI
1/28/2017 Terry Stacy MN
1/28/2017 Alan Amery WI
1/28/2017 Chase New Richmond  WI
1/28/2017 Frank Stillwater MN
1/28/2017 Cathy New Richmond WI
1/28/2017 Jeffrey New Richmond WI
1/28/2017 Donald Menomonie WI
1/27/2017 Marissa Amery  WI
1/27/2017 Lucas DRESSER WI
1/27/2017 John New Richmond WI
1/26/2017 David New Richmond WI
1/26/2017 Matthew New Richmond WI
1/26/2017 Thomas New Richmond WI
1/26/2017 David Walworth WI
1/25/2017 Gerald Osceola WI
1/25/2017 Jim Hudson WI
1/25/2017 John Somerset WI
1/24/2017 Jayson Northfield MN
1/24/2017 John New Richmond WI
1/24/2017 Geralee Osceola WI
1/23/2017 Ryan New Richmond WI
1/23/2017 Scott Laporte MN
1/23/2017 Lamont Deer Park WI
1/23/2017 William Cottage Grove MN
1/21/2017 Carl Saint Croix Falls WI
1/21/2017 Todd New Richmond WI
1/21/2017 Cory New Richmond WI
1/21/2017 Glenn New Richmond WI
1/21/2017 Josh Stratford WI
1/20/2017 William  Avella PA
1/20/2017 Barry Star Prairie WI
1/20/2017 James Grantsburg WI
1/20/2017 Tamara Dresser WI
1/19/2017 Justin Saint Croix Falls WI
1/19/2017 James New Richmond WI
1/19/2017 Travis Amery WI
1/19/2017 Jeremy Boyceville WI
1/19/2017 Steffany Sandstone MN
1/19/2017 Kari Deer Park WI
1/18/2017 Lori Colfax WI
1/18/2017 Jeremy Houlton WI
1/18/2017 Leanne Osceola WI
1/17/2017 Thomas Hudson WI
1/16/2017 Brandon Minneapolis MN
1/16/2017 Jason NEW RICHMOND WI
1/16/2017 Steven Baldwin WI
1/16/2017 Darin Forest Lake MN
1/14/2017 Richard Turtle Lake WI
1/14/2017 Anthony Clear Lake WI
1/14/2017 James Somerset WI
1/14/2017 Todd Menomonie WI
1/13/2017 Patrick New Richmond WI
1/13/2017 Robert Wausau WI
1/12/2017 Scott Amery WI
1/12/2017 Christopher New Richmond WI
1/11/2017 Brian Star Prairie WI
1/9/2017 Ronald New Richmond WI
1/9/2017 Steven Center City MN
1/9/2017 Kim Hudson WI
1/7/2017 Morgan
1/7/2017 Chelsea Hudson WI
1/7/2017 Anthony Hammond WI
1/7/2017 Judy Clear Lake WI
1/7/2017 Randall Emerald WI
1/7/2017 Amy OSCEOLA WI
1/6/2017 Sally Woodbury MN
1/5/2017 Micheal Woodbury MN
1/4/2017 Timothy Saint Croix Falls WI
1/4/2017 Matt Wheeler WI
1/3/2017 Earl New Richmond WI
1/3/2017 Dennis New Richmond WI
1/3/2017 Adam Clear Lake WI
1/2/2017 Jacob Amery WI
1/2/2017 Trevor Rice Lake WI
1/2/2017 Christopher Eau Claire WI


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5.0 /5
very positive and helpful work staff, Bill was super and a very nice salesman, will see him again next time.

5.0 /5
We love Johnson Ford and all the employees. They are great.

5.0 /5
2013 150 staff was helpful Chester was great to work with.

5.0 /5
Great service and friendly environment!

5.0 /5
David and Thomas were very helpful!

5.0 /5
Wonderful staff. Excellent service. Y'all really took the stress out of buying a new vehicle.

5.0 /5
We knew what we where looking for when we went in, and it was a no hassle deal! We purchased a 2017 Ford F-150 super crew pickup truck. Julie was our sales person and she was awesome to deal with-very knowledgeable had an outstanding personality and gave us what we where looking for in a new truck! Thank you Julie- you are awesome at what you do and carry yourself well! We hope to see you again in a couple of years when it comes time to upgrade! Everyone at the dealership where outstanding.Thank youJim & Cheryl

4.0 /5
The service staff was very helpful and very courteous and supportive of the issues surrounding the truck's repair. I do think that at the time I purchased the F150 in October I should have been advised that the truck had a similar service issue at Johnson Ford in June 2016.

5.0 /5
My experience was great from my initial phone call to test drive with John Buhr. He was well informed, offered suggestions for options and knew the cars' performance features. Negotiations went smoothly and I was quite impressed.

5.0 /5
Great service and I was treated well!

5.0 /5
I purchased a 2013 Chevy Equinox in January 2017 and unfortunately only had the vehicle for a few months, I was in a car accident and my insurance company totaled it out. So last week I contacted the same sales gal named Julie Bruner and she was a great help to me AGAIN! Her and Ryan from New Richmond got me in a 2014 Chevy Malibu within a few days. I greatly rely on having a reliable vehicle to be able to function our daily life and they showed great care for me in the process. Julie brought me the paperwork and the cars to test drive all the way to my work and that is going above and beyond in my eyes! As an employee who works daily in guest service, I'd say that those two who helped me through were top notch. As far as the Chevy Malibu, I'm in love with it! Drives smoothly, and has good gas mileage and the most "upscale" vehicle I have ever had. Loved my Equinox and was heartbroken to have it gone so quickly, but I feel a better fit in the sedan as I drove a Grand Prix for the last 9 years. So all in all, I'm very pleased with my purchase!Thank you, Kara Merrill

5.0 /5
Excellent service, and kudos to Bill Warner.

5.0 /5
My husband and I just moved from Arkansas and our water pump went out on our Ford Fiesta. They took extremely good care of my family and my car. I am pleased and will be a returning customer!

5.0 /5
Todd, the Sales Manager and everyone else on the staff at New Richmond Ford were fantastic in facilitating the purchase of my 2015 Taurus SHO !!!

5.0 /5
1st service on new Ford Edge, oil change, tire rotate etc.

4.0 /5
Purchased 2016 F 150. Overall experience was good.

5.0 /5
The Staff is always helpful and friendly. Oil change and tires rotated in record time. Visit was shorter than expected.

5.0 /5
Service was fast and efficient. Everyone I dealt with was very helpful.

5.0 /5
Chester was an excellent salesman and he was very cordial and very accommodating.I think it would be even greater if you had a little more cozier waiting area with maybe mini cokes, and a free popcorn stand. Carnations given to each customer that buys a brand new vehicle. This was offered at my Toyota dealer upon purchasing through them. The food and pop makes it easier to enjoy the wait time.

5.0 /5
Great friendly service. Done in a timely matter.
5.0 /5
We purchased a 2016 Ford Focus and we feel very welcome at Johnson's. We feel as if we can approach anybody in the establishment, very friendly!

5.0 /5
It was a good oil change

5.0 /5
Great service and everything was explained to me in detail!

5.0 /5
Bought a new mustang gt, sales staff was very helpful in that we could have done a dealer trade if the car we were long for was at a different lot

5.0 /5
Check out was slow

5.0 /5
Bill Warner took excellent care of us. Followed through with all of my questions. He was very respectful when asking if I could talk to the Finance Guy or Manager to clarify some of the questions or requests that I had. They worked hard to beat the financing I told them I could get along with some other items like GAP coverage. They do not "dicker" on prices but tried to meet my requests in different ways. They gave me what I thought was fair for my trade, were asking a fair price for the F350 I bought, beat the expected financing, and kept me in the payment ballpark I was looking for. Everyone we met during the "Tour" were very pleasant and open. I would work with Johnson Ford again.

5.0 /5
Good experience.

5.0 /5
The manager met me at the door and greeted me by name. I have not had that happen before.

5.0 /5
Jon was wonderfully helpful, relaxed and sure of his product. We felt cared about and respected. He alowwed us to ask pointed questions and gave substantial answers. Thank you greatly.

5.0 /5
Your staff is fabulous! Everyone from Internet (car soup) communications, sales, financing, service, reception, and owner/ management- too bad we are not allowed to mention names on this review. As apprehensive first-time buyers at a dealership, Johnson Ford made our purchase of a 2012 Chevy 3500 very pleasant. It was totally worth the drive for the small farm town atmosphere and hospitality. We definitely plan on referring folks your way.

5.0 /5
They went above and beyond the normal service call. Thanks to all

5.0 /5
We purchased a 2017 Ford Edge SEL with AWD. The service we received from salesman Ted Bauer was exceptional!! Ted walked us through all of our options pertaining to the vehicle and all of the costs associated with those options. Ted has been our go to person at Johnson Ford for a number of years and has never let us down. The staff was extremely courteous and made us feel right at home! To sum everything up in a nutshell, we will be back again!!

5.0 /5
Best service department I have ever delt with. I did not purchase my vehicle here but no doubt I will buy my next one here. Always been a Chevy Truck truck guy but this service department alone converted me to ford.

5.0 /5
I brought in my vehicle for an oil change and tire rotation. I also have a noise coming from rear seat on passenger side. I was hopeful that the tech would be able to hear this noise but he wasn't. I still hear it and in all honesty, it is frustrating. I understand that the tech may not have heard the sound but it still persists. I'll have this looked at again when I come in for my next oil change.

5.0 /5
Helpful, Honest and great service and prices

5.0 /5
I was able to get a same day appointment for an oil change and tire rotation. Very reasonable price, too!

5.0 /5
Smooth, fast and efficient.

5.0 /5
Jon was extremely helpful, knowledgable and pleasant in our car buying experience. I have purchased many cars over the years and must say that he was one of the best sales reps I have ever worked with.I purchased a 2014 Ford Focus. So far, I am very happy with it.

5.0 /5
Everyone there is great!!

5.0 /5
F150.Service was good and the staff very helpful.

5.0 /5
I have had nothing but excellent experiences at Johnson ford from the time I purchased my first vehicle there to the present. The service is so great I drive thirty mikes out of my way to get that service, even though I live fifteen minutes from a different dealership.

5.0 /5
My experience was a very pleasant, they suggested different options for my purchase of the Ford Edge. there was no pressure put upon me. I enjoyed getting a new vehicle. The Dealership personnel were very cordial in explaining the new vehicle equipment and how to operate the same. thank for the experience.

5.0 /5
John Waddle was great. The staff stayed late to make sure we closed on a Friday night.

4.0 /5
Very helpful staff, good service.The tech forgot to reset the "oil use" gizmo after my oil change, so I had to go back to the dealership and have them reset. No biggy. I hadn't gone too far from there before I noticed it on my dash.

5.0 /5
Jon Germain is a pleasure to work with! He went over and above our expectations to help us buy a vehicle fast. We love our new F150 truck.

5.0 /5
Worked directly with David Koch (General Manager). He was great to work with. I was very disappointed with my previous truck (F150 Platinum)

5.0 /5
I purchased a 2016 Ford Focus Titanium and I absolutely love it. This is now the third car in a year that I have bought from Johnson Ford and the staff has been nothing short of amazing when it comes to my vehicle. I am more than impressed with the work that they do and the customer service they supply!!!

5.0 /5
We love our 2017 Ford Explorer! We originally planned on purchasing a 2016 model, but since the vehicle was used as a service car, we were able to spring a little above our originally considered/planned budget and get all the features we REALLY wanted including sun/moon roof, 2nd row bucket seats, large back up screen, heated leather seats, platinum color, etc. We felt like we got a lot of bang for our buck by purchasing an XLT with a lot of the Platinum features. My husband is still pleasantly surprised that the car has PADDLE SHIFTERS! Bill Warner was delightful to work with along with the financial guy too (Tony?)! Although we were still processing the transaction after store hours, we never felt rushed by any of the staff...including the GM who popped into say hello. Because we wanted some rail dust removed, the dealership was flexible as far as whether we wanted to take the car home that day or drive our trade-in home and instead meet that following Monday at a location of our convenience. We were happy to complete the transaction with Bill who helped us sync our phones, set the door code and practice using some of the features that we are not familiar with since our last Ford Explorer was purchased in 2008. We've been loving our daily drives since we brought our new vehicle home!

5.0 /5
Hard to get past waiting 17 days for a new vehicle to get repaired, and still not repaired when we took the truck. Had to get it repaired at AutoNation.The vehicle was in your possession the 1st 17 days we owned the new 2017, except one night.

5.0 /5
2010 fx4 very friendly staff best experience I have had at dealer will recommend you guys to to everyone

5.0 /5
The truck had a smell of burning fluid after bringing it in for an oil change that lasted for longer than 'normal'. The guys looked it over and found nothing wrong, but everyone was very good about the situation since we were leaving that night on a long trip out of state. We didn't want something major to go wrong. To went fine.

5.0 /5
2017 Explorer - Service Fine - Staff accomadating - Traded 2016 in on 2017 model.

5.0 /5
Ford F-350 Great sales and service.

5.0 /5
Hi, I was very impressed with Chester Dzik at the New Richmond facility. He was great to work with and took the time to explain all the new gadgets and options that my new 2017 Ford Fusion offered. I drove away a very happy customer and very impressed with his customer service. Would for sure recommend him to anyone I know looking for a new car or truck!Susan Becker

5.0 /5
Very helpfull and willing to figure out what was wrong with my vehicle

5.0 /5
We purchased a 2007 Chrysler Aspen. The service was amazing! Jon Germaine did everything he could to make sure we drove away happy with our purchase, even a few days before the purchase he made sure he made everything possible for us to make it happen!

5.0 /5
Bought a 2017 F150. Can't beat the price or service. We drove 260 miles and saved over $5,000. Will recommend to anyone in search of the best deals around.

5.0 /5
The entire New Richmond team was great to work with. They were very helpful without pressuring us to purchase the vehicle. Chester is an outstanding salesman and certainly went out of his way to make sure that we were happy and taken care of.Thank you New Richmond team!

5.0 /5
The staff was very knowledgeable and very helpful, explaining the Sync system to me and telling me about the recall on the door latches. I was impressed.

5.0 /5
Great job and respectful service department
5.0 /5
Awesome experience. John & Chester were super informative and helpful. No pressure to buy whatsoever. I've already recommended you to a friend that is thinking about a truck at some point. Super happy with my truck. Thanks.

5.0 /5
Chester and Ryan were extremely helpful with a low pressure approach.

5.0 /5
Staff helped out extremely well.

5.0 /5
It was a great experience buying a truck at your location and will tell other people to check out your dealer ship before buying other places. John was a great salesman keep me informed on up dates on the truck.

5.0 /5
I brought my 2016 F-150 in for it's first oil change and tire rotation. Your service manager was friendly and helpful. You have a nice waiting room to sit in with TV and snacks and beverages. The service was done in a timely manner and no problems. Everyone there is polite and friendly. So we will see them again in 5000 miles. Martin Tangen

5.0 /5
We purchased a 2017 Ford Escape. We worked with Jon - he was excellent to work with. Ethan also was very good at explaining all the details to us. The other person was Jim (I think was his name in service dept - answered the questions that we had). Thank you!